Our Business Spirit and Philosophy

Regal has firmly believed that the customer and consumer is the heart of its business. The customer is viewed not just as the one who buys our products but also how well we deliver value to our alliance 'customers'.

'Value Innovation' is a spirit we have inculcated, the benefits of which we pass onto our consumers as we grow with them.

Value without innovation tends to focus on value creation or just incremental sale - something that improves value but is not sufficient to get differentiated in the market place. Innovation without value which tends to get technically driven is giving what the market or customers are not yet ready for, most of the time.

Regal believes in Value Innovation, where it aligns innovation with utility, price and cost positions. The 4 Action framework it follows is:

Elimination - Factors that the Industry takes for granted and today may not be relevant or differentiating-do we eliminate this?
Reduce - Do we re-engineer our products so as to align it to customer specification and needs - do we reduce over-engineering' or reduce costs?
Raise - Which factors do we raise above industry standards?
Create - Which factors should we create which makes us a differentiated and preferred offering.