Established in 2001, Regal Commodities Private Ltd. has a rich commodity and techno - commercial background with its antecedents in Tea and other agri-commodities. With the ownership profile being of people who have actually grown up in the plantations, as also handling amongst the largest tea Broking firms across the country, Regal is the result of the seed of entrepreneurship sown by the promoters and the team that has nurtured it since.

Regal's Head office is in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) and with offices in Kokata, Cochin and Bangalore, the business has evolved over the years with its wider bandwidth of alliances and products.

Our Business Verticals


Distribution Business

The Distribution business is where Regal operates as a channel partner and assists its alliances in penetrating the markets with its diverse range of products.


Trading Business

With Regal, there is a wealth of almost 110 years of experience and knowledge which is always at the service of our customers and consumers.


Own Brand Marketing

With Regals' own insights into customer preferences, especially in a micro - regionalized marketing scenario, special blends have been created for specific markets under its own brand "SHAKTIBARI".


Regal's Business Spirit & Philosophy


Regal has firmly believed that the customer and consumer is the heart of its business. The customer is viewed not just as the one who buys our products but also how well we deliver value to our alliance 'customers'.

'Value Innovation' is a spirit we have inculcated, the benefits of which we pass onto our consumers as we grow with them.

Value without innovation tends to focus on value creation or just incremental sale - something that improves value but is not sufficient to get differentiated in the market place. Innovation without value which tends to get technically driven is giving what the market or customers are not yet ready for.. Read more..


What's new?

Vending Machines


We offer complete range of beverage vending machines from Nestle. Read more..