Business Vertical - Trading Business

Given the fact that Regal has its roots in Tea, there has been great amount of expertise built in the activities of tea evaluation or tasting, sourcing, blending and Quality Control (QC)-all these functions requiring a combination of skill, science and complete perfection. With Regal, there is a wealth of almost 110 years of experience and knowledge which is always at the service of our customers and consumers.

Under this vertical, Regal Commodities Pvt. Ltd. has access to multi origin teas, which are regularly tasted and evaluated for its "worth" and relevance from the consumers' point of view. With its ability to purchase at all auction centers, Regal sources these teas at the right time and place to give its customers the best value for their purchases. With always a stock of multi origin teas, Regal can meet, not only long term requirements of it's customers, but also the short and spot requirements for them.

The teas can be supplied as Original lines as sourced from the gardens or auction centers or as Blend Standards which can be created for the customer or meet the standards that have already been established them. By doing so we unburden our customers of sourcing, matching, blending and other quality control related activities. This is where we feel we add immense value to our customers' business.

With its blending options and facilities at Kolkata and Coimbatore, the logistics can be catered to customers' economic and infrastructural requirements.

Apart from different Origins, different manufacturing styles of tea can be sourced and supplied, such as, Darjeeling, Orthodox, CTC Leaf, and CTC Dusts. We could also supply for the niche markets-Green tea, Organic tea as also a range of flavoured tea such as Cardamom, Ginger, Earl Grey, Lemon, Masala and so on. We could also offer creative gift packs for those special and festive occasions - a 'healthy' gift for you and your associates.

The packing formats could be in Tea Bags or any other ethnic materials, porcelain, wooden chestlets or recycled - environment friendly paper packs.

The Trading vertical therefore, offers you:


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