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Parle Melody

Caramel meets chocolate to yield an outcome nothing less than delectable. Parle Melody comes with an irresistible layer of caramel on the outside and a delightful chocolate filling within. Pop it in your mouth and relish the unique experience.
(Rs.) 1


Mango Bite

This was not only India's first mango candy, but even today, is the only candy with the richness of real, juicy sweet mangoes. Pop in a Mango Bite and you will want to make it last longer and longer.
Mango Bite is India's first mango candy with real mango
(Rs.) 50 paise.



Bite into a gigantic bite of the most chocolicious bar ever. It's called Chox and its lip smacking, chocolaty flavour will leave you lost in a fabulous, new world.
(Rs.) 2


Kaccha Mango Bite

The mastiful flavour of summer now comes in a candy. Just pop a Kaccha Mango Bite and experience the natural tangy sweetness of a real raw mango. It's the only candy that is a real kacche aam ka zerox. So when you're craving for the tantalizing khatta-meetha taste of raw mango just reach out for a Kaccha Mango Bite.
(Rs.) 50 paise



The multi-coloured Poppins to be shared with friends for a really colourful time.
(Rs.) 2 and 5


2 in 1 Eclairs

Savour the delicious cream filling overflowing from a golden caramel shell. Delight your taste buds with rich taste of cream and caramel. It's 2 in 1 Eclairs, a sweet delight to double your pleasure and treble the fun!
(Rs.) 50 paise


Kismi Toffee

It's everything that the Kismi Toffee Bar is, only smaller. Wrapped in the distinct flavour of elaichi (cardamom) this toffee is sure to send your sweet tooth on a joyride.

With a perfect blend of Caramel & Elaichi, the new Parle Kismi Gold is bound to take romance to an entirely different level and make it more irresistible than ever before. Have one to experience romance at its best.
(Rs.) Kismi : 25 Paise Kismi Gold : 50 Paise


Kismi Toffee Bar

The yummy toffee and elaichi taste of Kismi Toffee comes specially packaged in its maha-avatar. Now when you study or play, bring your appetites and more for this fantastically big bite of Kismi Toffee Bar. Making it one of the most popular toffee bars in India.
(Rs.) 2


Parle Orange Candy

Feel like eating an orange but don't want to be bothered with peeling one? How about just unwrapping one then? Parle Orange Candy. This little candy is a mouthful when it comes to the tangy, juicy taste of real oranges. A bite-sized orange in a wrapper.
(Rs.) 25 paise




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