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Parle Monaco Smart Chips

The ideal snack for the cholesterol and calorie conscious consumer - Parle Monaco Smart Chips - Also available in different exciting flavours: Tangy Tomato, Crazy Chaat, Macho Masala
(Rs.) 5 and 10



Crunchy, salted biscuits flavoured with cumin seed (Zeera) for that extra boost of flavour. The perfect snack for just about anywhere - Jeffs.
Think Square is boring? Then what you need is a Sixer. This six-sided, salted delight cuts out the boring from a biscuit. A unique shape coupled with an equally unique crunchy, munchy, salty taste that leaves you asking for more!
(Rs.) JEFFS: 425: Bulk Packs and 30 Jars  |    SIXER: 396 Bulk Packs and 30 Jars


Parle's Wafers

Presenting Parle's Wafers. Made with the choicest of handpicked potatoes, it's lip-smackingly delicious, delightfully crunchy and comes in four exciting flavours - Tangy Tomato, Cream and Onion, Classic Salted and Masala Masti. Grab one. Or grab'em all. Whenever you want, wherever you please. We're sure you'll enjoy it from the very first chip till the very last.

(Rs.) 5 and 10 and 20


Full Toss

Hello spicy people! Your search for the snack with real magical taste ends here! Parle brings to you Full Toss, the lip smacking- scrumptious snack, perfect for any occasion and craving. Be it a longing for the tangy taste or your palate is itching for something spicy, we've got it all. Just take a bite of Green Mango Chutney, and enjoy the brain numbing tangy taste of raw mango. Or, endlessly munch into Masala Munch, to dive into the spice heaven. Or just, treat yourself to the crackling taste of Jhalmuri Kolkata Bhel. No matter what tickles your taste buds, we have put our money where our mouth is, we bet that your tongue will come asking for more!
(Rs.) 5, 10 and 20




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